Spanish Class

Students Kindergarten through 6th grades have Spanish classes twice weekly in the Spanish classroom located immediately to your right as you come through the front door of our school!  The Spanish room incorporates an “International Theme”  with a large world map and flags from around the world are featured above the map.  Current events from around the world are often on topic during Spanish class!

Various topics of language study are taught on a monthly basis and then reviewed throughout the year.  Currently, we follow this pattern for the year:

August/September:  greetings, colors, days of the week

October:  months of the year and school terms

November:  numbers and family terms

December:  animals

January:  clothing

February:  food terms

March:  verbs and telling time

April:  body terms

May:  emotions terms and general review

Students participate in three stations for most Spanish classes:  oral conversation, notebook writing/activity, and Duolingo.  All students in grades 3rd through 6th have a Duolingo account that they may continue to use outside of school if they wish.  The students learn to write in Spanish, speak in Spanish, and to learn in Spanish while having fun using a second language on a bi-weekly basis!