The Teacher Leadership and Compensation (TLC) System rewards effective teachers with leadership opportunities and higher pay, attracts promising new teachers with competitive starting salaries and more support, and fosters greater collaboration for all teachers to learn from each other.

The overriding philosophy of the system is multi-pronged, but boils down to this: Improving student learning requires improving the instruction they receive each day. There is no better way to do this than to empower our best teachers to lead the effort.

Through the system, teacher leaders take on extra responsibilities, including helping colleagues analyze data and fine tune instructional strategies as well as coaching and co-teaching.

The goals of the Teacher Leadership and Compensation System are:

  • Attract able and promising new teachers by offering competitive starting salaries and offering short-term and long-term professional development and leadership opportunities.
  • Retain effective teachers by providing enhanced career opportunities.
  • Promote collaboration by developing and supporting opportunities for teachers in schools and school districts statewide to learn from each other.
  • Reward professional growth and effective teaching by providing pathways for career opportunities that come with increased leadership responsibilities and involve increased compensation.
  • Improve student achievement by strengthening instruction.

Every school district in Iowa has implemented a TLC plan. The state of Iowa has almost 10,000 teachers serving in a teacher leadership role.

The Morning Sun CSD’s vision is to create a learning environment where teachers empower one another, in cooperation with the community it serves, to educate and prepare all students to be contributing members of a changing society.

Our district goals are to:

  • effectively compensate teachers taking on leadership roles
  • recruit and promote excellent teachers
  • support and collaborate with all teachers in the district
  • provide time for highly effective teachers to grow, refine, and share their teaching skills
  • implement leadership within our district with fidelity

The vision and goals for the TLC implementation are aligned with current goals in the area of student achievement, developed with parent and student input:

All students will achieve at high levels in:

  • reading comprehension
  • math skills
  • science
  • technology

In order to achieve our district’s vision and goals, the Morning Sun Community School District plans to use the TLC funds to empower teachers to successfully support one another in implementing Iowa Core and other district initiatives, promote collaboration to improve instructional strategies and collaboratively develop rigorous and relevant curriculum which will impact our district’s student achievement.

Role #1 Part Time Instructional Coach – Stephanie Whitaker

Responsibilities and duties:

  • sustain Iowa Core
  • monitor and evaluate universal screener data
  • assist with implementation of student interventions
  • collaborate and plan with K-6 teachers in the area of literacy
  • work with teachers and administrators to coordinate professional development
  • maintain a full time teaching position
  • fulfill one year contract
  • additional contract hours:  days


Role #2: Mentor/ Instructional Coach – Tammy Noble

Responsibilities and duties:

  • mentor first year teacher(s)
  • serve as a model for exemplary teaching practices
  • collaborate with teachers on implementation of Iowa Core
  • reflect on instructional strategies and practices
  • research best practice strategies for implementation in classroom instruction
  • provide opportunities to co-teach
  • maintain full time teaching position
  • fulfill one year contract


Role #3: Technology Coach – Amanda Clark

Responsibilities and Duties:

  • analyze data for curriculum improvement
  • work with teachers and administrators to coordinate professional development
  • monitor  Iowa Core implementation
  • research strategies for teachers
  • professional development as agreed
  • one year contract


Role #4 Building Interventionist – Kerry Bunnell

Responsibilities and Duties:

  • analyze data for curriculum improvement
  • work to coordinate professional development
  • collaborate with other teacher leaders
  • assist in progress monitoring
  • work to increase the skills of non proficient students
  • monitor  Iowa Core implementation
  • research appropriate strategies
  • one year contract