Solar Information

Below Is Information On Our Solar Panels We Have Installed At Our School!

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Prior to the year 2015, the school board and Previous Superintendent Mr. Graber had a visionary idea to make the school energy-­‐efficient and eventually self-­‐ sustaining using renewable energy. Here are some facts about solar energy that may help people to understand the solar panels that are on our school grounds.

  • Approximately $300,000 was spent to install the Solar Panels at MSCSD. Investors funded the project, which will be paid off in yearly increments by the school district though the appropriate fund.

  • Energy rebates , tax incentives, and government programs help to reduce the price of the project.

  • The installation company projects that enough energy will be produced to begin to reduce the energy bill significantly for the first five years, and our energy bill will eventually pay us back for putting energy into the grid.

  • There will be a fence constructed around the area to protect the solar panels

  • Soccer games, flag football, and Fourth of July activities will still be able to be held on the grounds, however different areas will need to be utilized for these activities

  • Estimated completion of the project is late fall 2015 weather permitting

  • We would like to thank the school board and the community for supporting this opportunity